OHIO Business of Games Summit

Hosted by the Ohio University Center for Entrepreneurship and
the Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab

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The Ohio University Business of Games Summit is a confluence of students, educators, entrepreneurs, technologists, and industry participants who are actively involved or want to know more about the business of digital games and e-sports. The summit, unlike many other industry conferences, focuses on the business of games, not just the technology or development of games themselves. We want to see the industry from the perspective of a young entrepreneur, an investor, a software or hardware developer, a publisher, or from player or spectator. We hope to make the summit an annual event that will continue to promote the industry and opportunities in Ohio, and ultimately encourage the creation of digital games, technologies, and companies throughout the Midwest.

September 14, 2017
Baker University Center Ballroom
Ohio University, Athens OH


Pre-registration for the event has ended. Walk-up registration during the event will be based on available seating.


  • 10:30am-12:00pm: Kickoff - "Community to Industry: The State of the Ohio Game Industry" - Baker Ballroom

  • 12:15pm-1:30pm: Panel: “A Developer’s Roadmap" - Baker Ballroom

  • 1:45pm-2:45pm: "Women in the Digital Game and eSports Industries" - Baker Ballroom
    • An informative, interactive discussion exploring the current state of female participation in the digital game industry and the existing opportunities of working in the field. Why are women underrepresented as developers, publishers and players; and how can we encourage women to participate and succeed in these positions?
    • Speaker: Daria Fluor-Scacchi - Production Manager - ILMxLAB
    • Moderator: Associate Professor Beth Novak - School of Media Arts and Studies, Ohio University

  • 2:15pm-4:00pm: Case Competition - Baker Theater
    • eSports are blowing up! Ohio University wants to host an eSport event in conjunction with next year’s Business of Games Summit in Fall 2018. You can help us plan the event! Compete for prizes and a great resume builder. Recommend a venue. The game(s) and format. Tell us how you’d market it. Tell us what success looks like. Present your ideas to a panel of faculty, industry insiders, and summit attendees and win!

  • 3:00pm-4:30pm: Panel: "Digital Games as a Spectator Sport" - Baker Ballroom
    • This panel will touch on the evolution of game competition into a professional sports industry with huge spectator followings, major events, and professional players all over the world. What are the various ways of innovating and making money in this new, important industry? Panelists will discuss the appeal of watching gameplay and how eSports is changing the face of entertainment.
    • Dino Hall - Business Development Manager - SMT
    • Taylor Ward - CMO - Matcherino
    • Tony Farwell - CEO - Fruition Ventures and Founder - GovX, Inc.
    • Dana Kawar - COO - F.3 Flipsid3 Tactics
    • Austin "Shot" Lonsert - Professional Gamer - Heroes of the Storm, Arizona State University
    • Moderator: Paul Mass - Director - Center of Entrepreneurship, Ohio University

  • 4:45pm-6:00pm: Closing Remarks and Keynote: "What it Means to be an Entrepreneur in the Online Game Industry" - Baker Ballroom
    • The keynote speech from Joshua Hong, Founder and General Partner of Exponential, will focus on what it means to be a startup entrepreneur in the online game industry, the entrepreneurial mindset required to be successful, how to attract and assess opportunities and turn them into results, and why Ohio and the Midwest can be one of the nation’s epicenters of startup revolution in the business.
    • Keynote Speaker: Joshua Hong - Founder and General Partner - Exponential

  • 6:30-8:00pm: Reception at the Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab
  • Sponsored by TechGROWTH Ohio
    • All Summit attendees, speakers and panelists are welcome to make their way across the street to the Game Research and Immersive Design Lab for refreshments and VR/360 demonstrations. This is an opportunity to meet with GRID Lab staff and students to learn about recent projects and job/investment opportunities, or just to mingle. This is also a standalone event - Anyone outside the Summit is also able to attend.
    • The GRID Lab is located on the 2nd floor of E.W. Scripps Hall (Next to Alden Library)

Exhibit Floor - Open: Noon - 5:00pm - Baker Ballroom

GuessworkVR is a game development studio based out of Columbus, OH. Their passion lies with Virtual Reality and the next era of gaming, but they still continue to work on apps as well as other forms of technology and development. They have strong roots in Athens, OH, with each team member either being a graduate or a current student of Ohio University.

Humongous Bone is an independent games trio focused on making games that we enjoy playing. Check out Shark Thrower on iOS and Android, and keep track of us at our website to stay updated on what we are working on next.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Kaleidoscope is an innovation and product design firm with roughly 100 employees. We create products and experiences that grow businesses and improve lives by leveraging our expertise at the intersection of consumer insights, technology and health and wellness. We call this Purpose Driven Innovation.™

Lantern Light Studios, LLC  is a game development company based out of Athens, Ohio. We are game makers who are passionate about what we do. Our team comes from all different types of backgrounds and many are even spread out, across the country. We work hard remotely and alongside each other every day to bring our vision of fun, interactive games to the people!

OSV Studios is a premiere Cleveland video production facility, that has been servicing local and national clients for over 30 years. We cover everything from pre-production (script writing, storyboarding, and consultations), production (including 4K video and drone shoots), and post-production (editing, motion graphics, visual effects, animation, product visualization, and 3D).

Pixel Planet Studios is a Cleveland-based video production company formed by Eric Anderle (Ohio University) and Anthony Carabotta (Miami University). Equipped with a full-service media pipeline, they aim to evolve with new narrative formats and technologies to deliver engaging customer experiences. Using a combination of high-quality content and over-the-top customer service, Pixel Planet plans to break away from the competition

Probuilder is a plugin for the Unity game engine which allows users to construct 3D geometry in the editor. Originally designed with the Source Engine's Hammer editor in mind, ProBuilder has since evolved to more closely resemble a modern 3d geometry editor. Features like extrusion, subdivision, and procedural primitives are present, and development is ongoing. ProBuilder is among the top selling products in the Unity Asset Store

Super Lame Games (SLG) was founded on the unique premise of combining timeless novelty toys and cutting-edge mobile app integration with a legacy of innovative sales techniques. SLG is more than just an alliance of vertically integrated companies – it’s a group of passionate people trying to make a positive impact on the toy world.


Case Competition
We are planning to host a second annual “Business of Games”TM Summit in Fall 2018. For next year’s event, we want to add an eSport competition. What should that eSport event look like? Your challenge is to propose and describe that event. Among other prizes, the winning team will get to work with the GRID Lab, Center for Entrepreneurship and other key university and industry stakeholders to produce their event concept in 2018.

All current students – OHIO and elsewhere

Team Formation
One to Six Members

September 7 at 11:59PM: Complete THIS FORM to be eligible to pitch your concept.
September 8: Finalists notified
September 14 at 2:15PM in the Baker Center Theater: Pitch a panel of judges and audience members

Pitch Tips
If you are selected as a finalist to pitch your concept at the Business of Games Summit on September 14, you will have up to 5 minutes to sell your idea to the panel of judges and audience members. It is likely true that the winning team will:

  • Use some form of visual presentation aid (i.e. PowerPoint)
  • Support its concept with research, evidence, and data, and
  • Bring energy, passion, creativity and fun.

  • Again, please complete this short form to become a finalist.

    If you have questions about the case competition, please email Paul Benedict (Associate Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship) at benedict@ohio.edu Good luck! I


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