Is the VR Universe in Ready Player One Possible?

By Daniel Kolitz - Gizmodo

In 2018, nearly everything is in place for a descent into a Ready Player One-style dystopia. The way things are going, we should be destitute and beaten down by climate change long before the 2040s. All we’re missing, for now, is the technology. People are already more than happy to spend huge percentages of their lives hooked up to alternate realities (social media, MMO games, binged television) but these are all rudimentary compared to Ready Player One’s immersive, hyper-lifelike OASIS VR universe. Those looking to escape the grim, cash-squeezed drudgery of day-to-day life through fully-immersive VR will have to wait, for now, until someone invents a way to get 75% of the country’s population on the same platform.

For this weeks Giz Asks, we reached out to a number of VR experts about the plausibility of an OASIS-like platform coming onto the market, and how much computing power would be required to sustain it. Pretty much all agreed that, tech-wise, we’re not even close—but none disputed the idea that it could exist, at some point down the line, and many were sure it would, especially now that certain tech moguls have taken up the cause. By then—if our natural disasters and market crashes continue on schedule—the technology should be ready for a marginally less awful life in virtual reality.

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