MDIA Graduate Student Abigail Doyle Captures Election and OU Homecoming in 360

From Ohio University’s School of Media Arts and Studies:

Public Media graduate student Abigail Doyle has captured this year’s election attitude in 360 degrees. Working with Ohio University’s GRID Lab and Immersive Media Initiative, Doyle has created a brief documentary-style 360° video that includes the opinions of Ohio University students, and how this tumultuous election resonates with their generation. The video can be found on WOUB’s YouTube channel here. Note: Works best with Google Chrome Browser

The 360° short, recorded with Kodak SP360 Pix Pro cameras, immerses the viewer in various scenarios: Hillary Clinton at Jackie O’s Taproom; protests from the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland; and Donald Trump Jr. at Nelsonville’s Rocky Outlet Store. 360° journalism—also known as panojournalism—is a rapidly growing development in the world of visual storytelling, and Doyle’s 360° docu-short is only the beginning of WOUB’s immersive output.

Doyle will soon be publishing a 360° compilation of the march and protest that took place on Athens’ campus on Sunday, November 13. The protest was one of many national civic reactions seen after the 2016 election results; as opposition continues to rally, these upcoming months will likely prove historic. With plans to attend President Elect Trump’s inauguration, Doyle will be releasing footage of this historical event and other political gatherings throughout the spring semester. Doyle has also created a 360° recording of Ohio University’s 2016 Homecoming Parade, which can be found here. Note: Works best with Google Chrome Browser

Starting this spring, panojournalism will be introduced to media and journalism courses at Ohio University. The collaboration of journalistic practices with immersive media is an exciting progression in the university’s coursework and production opportunities, and those interested in working with the GRID Lab and Immersive Media Initiative can find more information at Those interested in contacting Abigail Doyle about her panojournalism projects can reach her at