4 New GRID Lab PACE Positions in Virtual Reality – Starting Fall 2016

Interested in Virtual and Augmented Reality?

The GRID Lab is pleased to announce that they will be hiring four PACE positions for students interested in Virtual and Augmented Reality Production for the 2016-17 school year, as part of the Immersive Media Initiative – known as the IMI.

The IMI is a program designed to teach students how to become skilled leaders in virtual and augmented reality by working on professional projects at Ohio University. In 2016-17, the IMI will be hiring four PACE positions.

  • Virtual Reality – Visual Storytelling Assistant (Position # EW2765110)
  • Virtual Reality – Visual Storytelling Editing Assistant (Position # EW2765111)
  • Virtual Reality – Audio Production and Post-production (Position # EW2765112)
  • Virtual Reality – Games and Animation (Position # EW2765114)

Learn more about IMI

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To apply: Sunday, April 10th Interviews scheduled: April 11-22 Hiring decisions: April 29